Git Integration


Looking to strengthen my version management, and found that there is a way to create a git repo, as shown in video How to enable git support in Backendless - YouTube.

However, I can’t find the Git tab in my own app settings. Could you kindly advise if I am missing something ? Looking at the detailed plan comparisons, I have not seen this mentioned. But could it be that this is only available on the top plan ?

Thanks for your reply.

Hello @Nicolas_REMY!

Unfortunately, this feature is no longer supported.


That’s a pity. Would someone perhaps share the recommended best practice for performing version management of a Backendless app ?


If you’re using the SDK, you can use git for server code.
And for Codeless and UI Builder you need to backup from Files.


Thanks for the reply, although it’s not the one I was hoping for.

Important : may I suggest that we find a way to push changes to a repo in a more automated manner ?

Backing up from files is both cumbersome and error-prone. Because it requires cleaning up after zipping files, that means deleting files. And I already caught myself deleting the wrong files.

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