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Give a user permission to use app

(Kamohelo) #1


How can I figure this out?

Users are able to login to my app, However I want to give them permission before they can login to the app…

How can I go about it?

(Mark Piller) #2


You want to give them permission to do what exactly?


(Kamohelo) #3

Let me be specific :
Inside of the users table I have a boolean column named “valid”, by default its value is set to false, I want to only allow user access to the app if the boolean state is on true, so before a user logs in, I want to make a call to the users table, get the state of that object, then grant user permission to use app, only if the state is true.

Is it a bit clearer?

(Mark Piller) #4

If a user is not logged in, how do you know for which user object to check that column?

(Kamohelo) #5

Thank you for the quick reply.

Short answer:
I do not/cannot know.

Thanks, I will try a different way to work the app