Global custom roles are not taken into account as table level should inherit them

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  1. global custom roles should be be treated if other roles are not provided, based on Security - Backendless SDK for JavaScript API Documentation

Actual Behavior

  1. I set global custom role to allow create and find

  2. the table seems to inherit it correctly

  3. the user with that role doesn’t seems to be able to perform the action although he is assigned to that role

Reproducible Test Case

  1. create a custom role
  2. assign a user to that role
  3. change that role permission matrix
  4. try to perform action like create with that user

it works only if I’m explicitly providing that role the permissions on the table level


Hello @Eran_Sakal

That looks like Teacher role have no permission for this, in this case, if any of all role has no permission - the user has no permissions too.

Regards, Dima