Global Modules for AWS, GCP & Azure & Credential File

I understand backendless has the AWS SDK as a global module but, I’ve the below queries:

  1. Do we’ve GCP and Azure SDKs as well?
  2. How and where do I upload my credentials file in order to ensure authentication & authorization with these cloud SDKs.
  3. Will my credential file be safe?
  4. Can I use the custom JS API Service module inside my Backendless codeless?

Thanks in advance for helping me out here.

Hello @CP_D,

  1. No.
  2. You can upload files to the Backendless File Service and setup the permissions for the files security. In case you’ll use the JS API Service, you can add the json file to the API Service folder and make it required inside the service:
    const config = require(‘./config.json’)
  3. Yes, it will be safe if you setup the file permissions.
  4. Yes, there’s an API SERVICES tab in Codeless for this purpose:


Thank you so much for this @olhadanylova
Let me try this and get back to you on the results. :slight_smile:

Quick question @olhadanylova - Can I request for a new NPM module to be installed for me or is there a way for me to do the same?

Hi, @CP_D

You can install the required module, follow this instruction:

Node Modules - Developing Backendless Server Code with node.js


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This is brilliant @Marina.Rudenko , let me try it out, thanks a ton :slight_smile: