Global vs Other Security Permissions on Roles for Pages and Tables

Hello, I am a bit confused by the global security roles where I can allow or deny access globally to certain classes of users versus the table level options.

What I want to set is a general policy where a person has to be logged in to access any pages. However, I would like to allow access to certain pages by non-authenticated users. For example, a “contact us” page should not require a login.

I tried to set up a global rule to deny and override at the page level to allow access but I couldn’t get it to work. Are there also ways to restrict certain pages or is it just access to certain data tables?

I guess I am not sure if I have to generally allow all access to an unauthenticated user at the global level but then I would have to restrict every single table or how that works. Thanks for any explanation.

Hello @Ryan_Belisle,

Do I understand correctly that you have some pages in the UI Builder container and you want to make some of them open for the non authenticated users and some of the pages should open just for the authenticated users after login?

If so I can advise you to check if user was logged in and redirect to the login page in case user should be logged in, e.g.

Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 12.17.46

And this statement can be skipped on the “Contact us” page as everyone can visit it.


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Okay, thanks