"Go to page" block goes to assigned page but then comes right back to the same page

Hi please look at the following short video to see my problem.


My App ID is 721AC780-A565-8D74-FF75-5158A2EB5500

The home or landing page is called “pg_landing_choose_search” while the page that it links to is called “pg_category_search”.

The back button in “pg_category_search” goes to “pg_landing_choose_search” for an instant but then quickly goes back to “pg_category_search”.

I didn’t see any codeless blocks in page_load event for “pg_category_search” which would cause it to jump back to “pg_landing_choose_search”

Thanks for your help…

Hello @William_Lee,

I have created an internal task BKNDLSS-24853 to investigate the issue.

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Hello @William_Lee

I found the issue, there is a logic for the parent component and in the logic, you do “go back to prev page”

just remove the handler and it should work as you expect

Regarsd, Vlad

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Wow thanks… hard to know which components have any codeless blocks behind them unless they are clicked… Would like to suggest a marker, icon or maybe colored text to highlight if there is any logic sitting behind any UI component in the tree view hierarchy section.

Also some type of button that can expand or collapse all branches of this component hierarchy tree. Thanks for spotting that out for me. I hope these suggestions are useful. Thanks!

If you go to the LOGIC section, you can scroll through the panel on the right to see which components have logic:


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Perfect I had to unpin it which I’ve never used that view before and didn’t know what it was for till now. Thanks