Google Chrome Extensions google+ login

I am trying to use backendless with google chrome extension.
I need to provide users with google plus sign in feature.
But I am getting 400 error (see attached image)

Hello, Vardan!

We are currently working under this issue. We shall notify you when it’s fixed.
best regards,

In order to prevent the error you receive, you should do the following:

  1. Navigate to your Google projects API manager
  2. Switch to “Credentials”
  3. Choose you oauth Web client ID you’re using for backendless Google+ login feature
  4. Locate field “Authorized redirect URIs” and paste the following URL:
  5. Save changes and try again

Hey I did as you said. Now after redirecting in pop-up I am getting white screen, should I do something else?

Also when I am trying to use your sample codes as chrome plugin I am getting this error:

chrome-extension:// Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FAILED

Double checked, I am getting this “code”:3100,“message”:“Could not approve social account.”

Are you using generated sample, or your custom code?

no,generated sample.

There might be something wrong with Google+ credentials. Can you try to remove them from your application ( in Manage -> Social Settings section ), save changes, and check if your generated sample would work? In this case default credentials would be used. If it works - then you’re probably using incorrect credentials.

Hey I did as you said,the same result

{“code”:3100,“message”:“Could not approve social account.”}User has been added to db, but during redirecting I got this.

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue. Can you please try this with another account?
We shall have a release very soon and there would be some changes in this feature. We shall notify you about that so you can check it again.

I tried with another account, again same issue.
Maybe I am doing something wrong, I don’t know :frowning:
Please let me know about updates, can you tell me when it will be?

Hey, I tried with FB login too (used your default app) but the same result “Could not approve social account.”
Maybe I am doing something wrong?

Vardan, we’re still trying to reproduce your issue. Can you please post here your application id? Also, it would be great if you can try to reproduce all your steps with a new separate application:

  1. Create application
  2. Paste FB and Google client ids and secrets to corresponding fields in console
  3. Generate JS sample for FB and Google+ login
  4. Navigate to Files tab
  5. Switch to web -> backendless-codegen -> <your-app-name>Codegen -> <your-app-name>Login
  6. Click on “Get public URL” for index.html
  7. Paste url in separate browser tab
  8. Check functions using buttons

Weird,it works by that way.
But when I am trying downloaded files its not working.

Test App’s id is 473AC9C4-7CE9-97ED-FFEB-5AB0EF4D7C00

Try opening the index.html directly from IDE. For example, if you’re using IDEA - use browser icons in the top right window corner.

Anyway, index.html should be opened not from your file system, but should be hosted somewhere.

Hey thanks for the reply,that was the problem, sorry I am not so familiar with JS.
BTW I noticed that there isn’t any ‘logoutGP’ in index.html so your log out doesn’t work.

It’s great that your code works.Thank you for notifying the thing about logging out, we shall fix it.