Google Condsent manager


I have added a google analytics tag as a Custom code and on some pages consent manager is shown properly ( but on others, it just flashes on the page load and disappears after the page content is loaded (

App ID: 593F33D2-6614-7EF7-FFCA-C65EFAA3FD00

Any suggestion on what I have messed up this time? :slight_smile:

Hi @Arkadiusz_Kumpin

We are looking into your question and will respond as soon as possible


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Hi, any update?

Hi, at the moment there is no update. It would be very helpful if you could describe in more detail what broke, when it broke. It would be great if you could record a loom video

I have done some additional digging. The issue is related to the fact that, at some point, the div with a consent popup gets the property “position: static”, and it prevents the z-index from pushing it forward on the screen.

Any idea is this something that is seated up by the Backendless?

…no idea what the issue was, but I have fixed it by adding this CSS class to the theme:

position: fixed;
background-color: #f2f2f2;

Those two are fixing missing attributes and allows popup to be rendered properly. Case closed :slight_smile: