Google Directions API No longer returning Routes

Hi All,
I realise this is not a backendless issue, but thought i could put it out there to see if anyone has had similar issues recently, and as always any assistance is apprecaited.

over the last three days i have no longer been able to request directions using Google directions API


  • @param {String} origin
  • @param {String} destination
  • @param {String} [waypoints]
  • @param {String} [avoid]
  • @param {String} units
    async getDirections(origin, destination, waypoints, avoid, units, key) {
    const result = await Backendless.Request.get(‘’)
    origin: origin,
    destination: destination,
    waypoints: waypoints,
    avoid: avoid,
    units: units,
    key: this.getGoogleAPIKey()
return result;

It returns the following in console.

{routes: Array(0), geocoded_waypoints: Array(3), status: ‘NOT_FOUND’}

It has worked perfectly for over a year and suddenly stopped three days ago.

Really stumped.

Kind Regards,

Hello @Raymond_Woodley

I also recommend contacting Google support if you haven’t already.


Hi all,

I have found the inexplicable solution, for the last year the request has required a comma between lats and lngs when using coordinates for directions. This is no longer the case a space is required between lngs and lats. I am not sure but think this may have also effected the backendless app templates requiring directions.

Hoping this will prevent someone wasting hours for nothing.

@viktor.liablin thank you for your suggestion. I had contacted Google support before I even posted here, havent heard back from them yet.

Kind Regards,