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Google login for existing user


How can I use Google login for existing users? I just tried that, expecting the user would be recognized and logged in, instead I got an error:

“fault”:“Unable to register user. User already exists.”


Hi Justinas,

this should work as you expected. Seems like it was broken. I have created an internal ticket to fix this asap. You can reference to it by it’s id 19906.

Thanks for reporting this


Thanks for your reply, hoping this will be fixed soon. Maybe I need to add an extra column ‘googleAccessToken’ or similar in my users table for this to work?

To the same topic, I just noticed that the error message received in this event is the whole HTML, any ideas why that would be the case?

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script type="text/javascript">
    window.setTimeout( function ()
                                window.opener.postMessage( JSON.stringify( {"fault":"Unable to register user. User already exists."} ), 'null' );
                                parent.postMessage( JSON.stringify( {"fault":"Unable to register user. User already exists."} ), 'null' );
                       }, 0 );