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Google Map not shown in iPad and iPhone

I’m using the Google Maps component and it works fine on my PC but doesn’t show up on iPhone or iPad (and I don’t know how I can see some console logs on iOS devices){"Category"%3A"Wandelen"%2C"Title"%3A"Wandelen"%2C"SubTitle"%3A"Te%20voet%20alle%20hoeken%20van%20La%20Palma%20verkennen"}



Works on my Android:

Do not have an iPhone handy to check at the moment

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Thanks! I don’t have any Android devices but iPhone and iPad are problematic (why am I not surprised…).

Hi @Tom_Van_den_Eynde

I’ve reproduced your issue. The problem appears only in Safari. I’ve created the internal ticket: BKNDLSS-23100 and will update you with a progress.

Best Regards,

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