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Google Maps alternative:

Google Places API is expensive, so I’m looking at alternatives like HERE, TomTom, and

Is this doable?

Backendless is a full featured mBaas platform.
Among the plenty of possibilities, it has API for working with Spatial types within database. You can store device coordinates using our Persistence API and then process these data in a way you want.

But, developing the client app is your responsibility.

Could you clarify what the app you want to build?

Thanks for the note Oleg.

I’m trying to build a delivery app. But I don’t necessarily want full-blown geolocation capabilities like an Uber type app. I don’t need to optimize routes/driving directions. Just want my users to do a place search and contact (text message) any member located at or near that retail store. So not on-demand, just on-the-way delivery.

According to Google’s API pricing, that simple task consists of about 15 different requests. That’s just for 1 user and for that specific search. 1 user will likely do 3-10 of these searches per day. As you can imagine that adds up: