Google Maps API Key

Hello all, I’m not sure if I’m posting this question in the appropriate location. I am developing an application in Ionic 6, and would like to incorporate the Capacitor Google Maps plugin. I noticed the UI builder has the option of incorporating Google Maps functionality into an app, and I assume this means there is an API key for Google Maps somewhere that I could use with Ionic?

hello @Aaron_Schaefer

if you want to use ui-builder and Google Maps then you should provide your API key

Hi, thanks for the response. I think my question wasn’t clear. I want to use Ionic’s implementation of the google maps component. To do this, I need an API key. Do I need to register with Google myself to get the API key, or can I get it through backendless?


Hello @Aaron_Schaefer

Yes, you should create your own. Backendless does not provide Google API keys as it is not our service.

Regards, Dima.