Google plus signin android using Google SDk

Hi, I need to integrate google signin in my android app using Google SDK. After authenticating user have to be registered in the backendless.
Instead of manually setting properties like email, name, password etc… , is there any other way to set data after google plus signin


This feature is already available at Backendless, documentation will be updated soon.
For now I can offer you to look through sample on github:
Hope it helps.

Thanks a lot Alexandr, I’ll try this and get back to you if any help needed.

Hi Alexandr,

I used this method and its giving the following error

Please find the attachment

I forgot to add permissions in the manifest file. Now its resolved this exception

Now it’s showing one more error,

Could not login to backendless: Invalid social identity code: 9010

How to fix it?

This issue resolved by adding client _key and secret_key in the console

Can you guys plz update the documentation? its just taking forever

I think this is how to setup Google Login with Backendless