Got an ominous warning that my trial is about to expire and I have to do missions

Task: Run GET Request With REST Console

I am NOT totally clear how this “missions” thing works to get cost free use of Backendless. I have spent time developing with a combo AppGyver/Backendless and it would be a hassle to now recode the backend stuff with Firebase in the middle of my development. It is certainly doable if “missions” turns out to be more work than redoing the backend in Firebase.

Do I have to do “Missions” with the app I was doing with AppGyver? Or can I use another app?

Please, describe your problem here.

You can do Missions with any app you have. The missions progress is not attached to a specific app, but rather to your Backendless developer account.

When all of the following tasks are completed:

You get to the “Free Springboard Plan Unlocked” milestone, as it is indicated in the mission map. Once the milestone is reached, the Springboard plan is unlocked for your plan and you will be able to switch to it on the Manage > Billing screen of your app.

The app gets free 30 day trial that is more than plenty to complete these missions. However, Missions are not required to get the Springboard plan, you can unlock it with “Springboard Shortcut” availalable for a one time fee of $50 in Backendless Marketplace.


Although I had begun doing the Missions for one app, you guys still turned off the APIs for the other one that I actually was working on. Well, thanks. It looks like it would be less work to change over the first app to Firebase than continue with the nonsensical missions, especially considering I did most of those things already.

Pretty annoyed, I must say.

And we turned off the APIs for the other one why exactly? Because the trial has expired I presume?