Has anybody used https://flutterflow.io/ with Backendless?


I was just wondering if any users have used https://flutterflow.io/ with Backendless or if the Backendless team has come across https://flutterflow.io/?

If so what are people’s opinions of it? I’m considering switching from AppGyver.

Thank you in advance

Hello @Hezzron_Austin,

maybe @Dustin_Miller has such experience, I remember he used this.


Hi @Hezzron_Austin
Have you figured out in these 4 months about flutterflow + backendless.
I’m currently in the same boat, thinking of going from AppGyver to Flutterflow, but hesitant at the moment.

hello @Uldis_Borkus ,

I didn’t no, gave up with Flutterflow. I did also look at Draftbit, I liked draftbit but it was lacking logic tree at the time so wasn’t good for me.

In all honestly I think I am doubling down with Backendless. Now that I’ve gotten used to the UI builder I will be testing out the flutterflow native shell soon

@Hezzron_Austin ,

How are you feeling about Backendless now? Are you able to fully develop your app? From Front to Back? I was wondering how flexible the backend is.

It’s very flexible, there are a few simple things that are not available that require a workaround but overall it’s very flexible.

I have to be honest and say during September there were a lot of outages so I didn’t use Backendless at all throughout October but I’m back! So that says it all really.

Definitely recommend diving into it