Have completed DATA SPONGE Run GET Request With REST Console and it did not complete

task of mission will not complete even if i follow the steps exactly as it’s told

APP ID: C627C42B-D7E6-2F9A-FF74-245C4E895100

Hello @Yoni_2021 ,

have you enabled API Tracking under the Manage section?

If so, could you show us how you perform this task?


yes it is enabled.

i have done exactly as the instructions on the mission.

just to be clear the 3 steps before have been accomplished alright,
but just the 4th task, when i do exactly as it said, and click the GET button,
and see response body correct, i don’t get any notification that the 4th task is completed.

so now i am stuck and can’t move on to the next tasks

thanks for the help!

Please check now


thanks Champ!

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Hi, I also seem to be having the same issue on my APP ID 881208D2-2000-6BE6-FF17-273FED619600

Hi @Phillip_Evans ,

please show us how you completing this task.


@stanislaw.grin just fixed it for me