Having trouble with objects saved as json when using in a repeater

Hey team,

I am saving some objects into a table field as json (see below), I can get that data out but it keeps throwing an error when I try and use if in a repeated.


Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 4.49.27 pm

I’m able to display the json in the console and I can get the first name of the first item in the list.

I’d also love some help with this

Hello @Chad_Wyatt

According to the stack trace these errors come from the “Visibility Logic”, could you please share the logic?

Is it not the logic above?

Is there something else I am missing

I found the issue… How could you tell it was the visibility…?

I know it by the stack trace, the “onDisplayAssignment” function is used in the “Visibility Logic”

Right, good to know…

Is there any list of error codes I can refer to? Sometimes it’s really hard to tell what is going wrong.

we’ve got a ticket to improve the error to provide more information where an error come from

actually there is no any error code