Health of the server and solutions

Hi all the team,
My app is sometime hs or very very slow.
If I want to deploy (logic business), i read in my shell “502 Error Bad GateWay” or “Unable to register runner” or “504 GateWay Time Out” etc…
If I try to log in to the web platform, I have the spinner sometime during more 2 minutes…
Does it exist the possibility to have a server in good health or is it an other problem ?
We’re looking for and we need more stability. What solution is concevaible, please ?
Thank you

Hi Aurelie,

We had some response speed problems lately, but we’ve managed to resolve this problem for now and are still working on preventing this to happen in the future. But indeed, we won’t be able to provide any guarantees on Backendless Online since it depends on many factors.

There is a paid option which could guarantee the server stability and it is called Managed Backendless. With that, you application will be assigned a dedicated server which will handle only requests from your apps. You can get more information via email