Help block now works, and it is fantastic!

Just discovered (so perhaps it is new today?) that Help blocks on components now is enabled instead of grayed out, and goes to a new wiki page. Hooray!! This is seriously good news, and a good way of handling it, making it soo much easier to get to the right place when looking for help on something.

So just wanted to say Kudos to you guys and looking forward to use this a lot! :smiley:

Keep up the excellent work guys! :star_struck:

Hmmm, something tells me I jumped the gun here:

So it is an old initiative that have stopped up then… :frowning:
It would be REALLY nice to have this completed/updated so that the help function extends to all the logic blocks… just sayin :smiley:

Information that you find - about basic blocks. Their functionality and documentation were implemented by Google devs.

As for the blocks that were implemented by the Backendless team - you could find a lot of information in documentation and videos

I was thinking in general, not for any particular block, but to have 1 way to get to the help docs for all elements. I know well about the documentation and videos, but the problem is that the documentation is lacking in many places, non contextual, meaning you have to dig through a mixture of support forum, docs and videos to get an understanding.

So I was all of a sudden ecstatic that Help was implemented for functions, since I had not seen it be active for any functions that I tried previously. And then it turned out I just found a few that had that doc in place instead… well well :person_shrugging: :slight_smile:

We’re adding the “Codeless reference” section to every single page in our API docs. Once this effort is done and the docs are republished, we will be able to cross-reference a block’s “Help” menu to the corresponding page in the docs.

Oh, bravo! Love to hear that, and godspeed! :clap: