Help creating bookmark functionality

Hello all,

I am currently in a bit of an issue:

I would like to make a bookmark functionality for my iOS app. I want the user to be able to click on a “bookmark” button which will then save the deviceID of the user in a Backendless table. In the app, there is a “bookmarked” option where the user will be able to see all of the products they have bookmarked, based on deviceID. I understand this will consist of a GET and POST request however, I am currently using Bravo Studio and can’t seem to figure out the best solution.

Can anyone help? Thank you in advance.


It sounds like the question is more about the UI functionality. Have you asked Bravo Studio support to help?


Hello Mark,

Thans for your answer.

I have ask them about the issue. However, they pointed me to the backendless community for help. I guess I will reach out to them once more.

Thank you.

If the question is about Backendless API, we will be happy to assist. It sounded to me like. UI related question though.