Help to retrieve data from the cache

Hello Backendless team

I’m following the documentation in the cache section for a little POC.
I’m able to store data in the cache, that’s ok !!

My doubt is how to retrieve data correctly from the cache, I’m following the steps in the documentation but the data appears to be printed in the errorHandler block rather than responseHandler

Am I missing something?

Many thanks for the help !!


Languaje: Swift - UIKit
Backendless SDK added as a swift package from master

Reproducible Test Case

This is the code in my button

@IBOutlet var loadDataId: UITextField!

@IBAction func actionLoadCacheButton(_ sender: Any) {
        guard let cacheDataId = loadDataId.text else { return }
        Backendless.shared.cache.get(key: cacheDataId, responseHandler: { result in
            print("Backendless cache: \(result)")
        },errorHandler: {fault in
            print("Error: \(fault.message ?? "")")

Hello @Luis_Roberto,

I was able to reproduce this issue. The internal ticket BKNDLSS-28238 is created and will be fixed a soon as possible.


Hello @olhadanylova.

Thanks for the help


A fix was released with a new version of Swift-SDK 6.5.4.
Could you please update and verify if it works ok now?

Hi @olhadanylova

Working fine now !! thanks again for your help.

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