Help with a function

Hi all,
Making progress learning to work with Backendless.

I have successfully created a 10 by 10 grid of cells on my page, and have modified css to get the cells to individually highlight on hover and a different color on click. In addition, the grid is populated by a dynamic list generated from a data table. So far all good.

Now, I need to know what cell is selected and the data for that object, and then change it’s border color to a specific color until a new cell is selected.

As there is no OnClick for cells, it seems i need to write a function.

A rough example of what that function might look like would be appreciated.

Hi @Terrence_Bernard

You can put a Block component into a Cell and hang the block onClick handler


To change the color of the selected Block try this

Thank you Valeriy!

Everything I needed. Putting the block inside the cell worked exactly as suggested.