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For a project I need to create a simple Event Planner page. The idea is to include the event name and date on each of the inputs and, when clicking the Enter button, for the information to appear in one single box. However, I cannot make both the date and the name appear in one single box.
And also, the Clear All button does not seem to be working. Can someone help me?

My app ID is E42B63D7-5485-72C6-FFE2-4FB8DADD8700

Hello @Marcela_Marques_Bicalho

We will be happy to assist you. I need to ask you a few more questions so I can understand the problem better.

Are you trying to realize your simple Event Planner page with UI Builder?
If in UI Builder, please specify the name of the container and the name of the page.
Could you be more specific about what exactly you are doing, what you want to achieve as a result, what you are currently getting?

Which button is it about?


It is within UI Builder, on the lading page if I’m not mistaken. The idea is that once you type in the name of the event, followed by any date, and then click the Enter Event button, a box is supposed to show below with the event name and event date in one box, as well as the data would show in the Log Message part. However, once you do that the event name shows in one box and the event date shows in another box, while I want them to be in one. Also, there is a Clear All button on the far right in the “Log Message” block, and it was supposed to clear all the information on that block, but
it just doesn’t do anything.

Thank you

Hi @Marcela_Marques_Bicalho

Let’s minimize the scope of your issue:

  1. do you have issues with showing/hiding components on the page?
  2. do you have issues with placing components on the page?
  3. do you have issues with DataModels

I guess the issue is, first, to place components on the page, as I want both texts in one block. Second, the Clear All button is supposed to remove the data in the Log Message page, soa problem with removing components as well.

Hi @Marcela_Marques_Bicalho

When you click on the “Enter Event” button, you now have 2 separate elements added to the list “item” and “date” separately, but if you want to see it in one square, you can only add one element to the list with two values inside . You can combine two values into one line using the “create text with” block

As for the “Clear All” button, for any action when the button is clicked, the handler “on Click Event” is called to which you must add logic for clearing the list, at the moment I did not find the click handler added.

If you still have questions, feel free to ask, we are happy to help.


Thank you for your help. I am just not sure how to build the logic to make the Clear All button work. If you could help me with that it would be great.

Thank you for the help so far!

Hi @Marcela_Marques_Bicalho ,

Sorry for the long delay.

As Sergey pointed out previously you need to create a custom event handler logic which will clear required inputs.

Unfortunately we cant create this logic by ourselves for you. On this forum we help to solve problems with Backendless functionality and only can give general advice for implementation of customer logic. Thank you for understanding.

Regards, Andriy