Hosted API service from JS

Hi there guys - I’ve got a piece of JS code which I run in the browser console currently to split URLs based on some logic.

I’d like to host this using backendless’ api service. I’m not familiar with the service and can’t see any good examples of how to package code to upload it.

Are there any that you could please share that I and my developer could look at to help us understand the process please?


Hello @Rob_Simpson

For hosting your JavaScript code using Backendless’ API service, the best resource to follow is the “Advanced Quick Start” guide provided by Backendless. This guide comprehensively covers the process of developing server code with Node.js for Backendless. It includes steps on setting up your environment, designing and developing your service, debugging, and deployment.

Here are some key aspects covered in the guide:

  1. Setup: Instructions on how to set up your Backendless environment, including downloading and installing necessary tools.

  2. Service Design and Development: Guidelines on designing your service, writing and modifying code, and preparing it for deployment.

  3. Debugging: Steps to debug your code locally before deploying it to the Backendless servers.

  4. Deployment: Detailed instructions on how to deploy your code to Backendless servers using npm commands.

  5. Post-deployment: Tips on monitoring and maintaining your service once it is live.

This guide is particularly helpful for developers who want to host their JavaScript code on Backendless, as it provides a clear and detailed roadmap from start to finish.

You can access the full guide here: Backendless Advanced Quick Start Setup. Download project template is moved to the info section

Additionally, for a broader understanding and other options, you might want to explore other resources and tutorials provided by Backendless on their official website and the video tutorial on YouTube. These resources will provide you with a more rounded view and practical insights into using Backendless API services.