Hosted Service?

Hi Guys,

I am very interested in business logic hosted service, I wonder if the feature can use with PHP.

What is service binaries for php? the feature seems use Java jar file.



Hi Mark,

Currently PHP can be used to develop server-side event handlers and timers. Developing hosted services in PHP will be available soon.


Mark, istn’t it a “hacky” hosted service if you create a custom event handler?

If you mean “hacky” from the perspective of injection of malicious PHP code, we got it covered. The sandboxed environment where PHP code runs is as secure as Linux.

By hacky I meant using a custom event handler as hosted service because functionality is almost the same istn’t it?

No, it is quite different. An event handler plugs itself into API invocation chain. It is invoked either before or after the default logic of any given API:</img>

A hosted service is an independent service (just like any built in service we have - Users, Data, Messaging, etc). You deploy your hosted service code (Java, PHP and soon JS) and we automatically generate REST routes and create native SDKs for that specific service.

Later on we will allow those services to be “promoted” to the market place so anyone can deploy them from the Marketplace into their own Backendless backends (Cloud or Standalone).



Istn’t it so that I can create a custom event handler and call it from a client as it were a API call?

Yes, that’s true, however, things like analytics and method-level security for app’s users and roles are not applicable to custom events.


I understand.

Btw. Is it possible to define a flow myself/define events myself when custom event handlers should be invoked?

You mean establish triggers defining when a custom event event should be dispatched? Not a bad idea (if we’re thinking about the same thing…) ))

Yes, you got me right. Define your own custom triggers.

Define a custom trigger, annotate a custom handler to react to this trigger.

That’s a good idea. We should do something like that.