How Can I Create 2 Unique Constraints?

How can i create a unique constraint for two fields in a table? That is, the two fields together must be unique.
For example Firstname, Surname
I can have James Mark,James Sun, and James Joe,in the records.But not James Mark and another James Mark.

Also, there is an integer field called point.
The records look like this:James Mark 10,James Sun 12,James Joe 5,Martin Whie 2
How can i count all points for a particular firstname?
For example how can i count all points for the firstname “James”


How can i delete all records for a particular Firstname?

Hi @Nkekere_Tommy_Minimann,

About question 1
Unfortunately it is not possible to do it directly at the current moment. But you can create generated column in which values from these two columns will be concatenated and impose unique constrain on it. Result will be the same.

About question 2
You can use aggregation functions for this scenario. First you group using firstName filed then apply count function for point field. More information you can find by following link COUNT - Backendless REST API Documentation

About question 3
You can specify whereClause for delete. More information you can find by following link

Regards, Andriy