How can I create a user that is both a social user and one that can login with an explicit password.

It appears that a user email address can not exist more than once in the user table, neither can a social user have a password added to them.

For example… If I have a user that has a social login (say for their mobile device), but logins to a web site using an email and a password (and only has one email address, the same one that is attached to the social account).

That’s an excellent question, Ian. I do not think it would work today and I am somewhat struggling in understanding how these two “users” can be seen as one. For example, I recall having this very problem when I used Airbnb (property rental service). I created an account on their website with a traditional username/password login and had a reservation there. Then later on I downloaded their mobile app and logged in with my Facebook account. Obviously my reservation was not found since technically I got in as another user. So the question is, what should an app do at this point to allow a user to “cross reference” their other account? Provide a “login within login” option? Seems a bit too complicated. How would you solve it?

Good question, the problem I have is not that I want them to see the same content. I am happy to have 2 separate users, but I cannot even do that right now, as the email address cannot be used for more than one account. If the email address is already used from a Facebook login then they cannot create a new account with explicit credentials. Perhaps the constraint should enforce uniqueness across the combination of email address and login mencahnism.

Thanks for the clarification, Ian. We need to discuss it internally. I will update this topic once we arrive at a resolution.

Hi Ian,

We plan to add support for “merging” accounts in the case when a user exists with a “classic” Backendless login and then logs in to a social account that has the same email address.


This is also a problem if the user logs in via Facebook and then later wants to login via Google not just if they have an existing username/password account. Is there any indication when this will be done?

Also, I notice that Backendless’s own site does not suffer from this issue. You can login via Google, Facebook, and/or username/password. Is not powered by the same technology?

Hi Austin,

Good catch… )) The algorithm for developer registration and login is different than the one for app users. I am afraid to give any estimates since we’re operating right now a bit differently than usual (support overload, plus a handful changes to accommodate migrations from Parse). This item is fairly high on the list though.


Hi Mark,
Is this feature now available in version 4 , particularly for JS ?