How can I display a list in something like a data table

I would like to present my user with a dropdown menu of items. When the user selects an item I want to add it to a list (I will call this the shopping cart as I think its close to what I an trying to do) I want to display the shopping cart in a table format. Each item in the shopping cart should be displayed as a table (or as close as I can get) and be selectable so the user could select an item added to the shopping cart and remove it.

I have looked at the shopping cart demo on youtube but I am looking for a bit more functionality. I don’t think I can do this with a datatable component as it requires a table and my shopping cart is more of a list of items. I was looking at “data grid” as the name kinda sounds close to what I am trying to do,

Data Grid

but the documentation link on that page gives a 404 from github google doesn’t give any other hits about it.

I’m not sure how to attack this issue. here is a visual of what I am trying to figure out

is data grid a solution for this? if so can you give me a link. Is there a better component to use? is this even possible?

any thoughts would be apricated,

Hi @hharrington

here is a valid link to the component

thanks for the link, looking at the different components that are available I can see several I’d like to use .

I have a few questions about them

Are there any down sides to installing a components from this list? I’d not say they are third party but its also is not included with the base ui builder.

Does Backendless do testing of new code releases on items in the add components list before they are rolled out(that is the backendless code is rolled out)?

If a component is updated is that something I need to manage or is it applied automatically?
If so, how do you insure code(less) using this component does not break (say if a major change is made like if an input got changed from an object to a list of text), or something fundamental like that?

If these components are fully supported why are they addons and not included in the base code?

I am just trying to get an understanding of how these addons are supported before make my app dependent on them I have had issues in the past where recommended third party plugins broke when the base platform got an update and want to at least understand the risk going in rather than finding out from a user the site is down.


Hello @hharrington!

I see only benefits and time savings.

Yes, the components developed by the Backendless team undergo a full testing cycle.

At the moment, it’s up to the user to manually update the component. However, when automatic updates are implemented, we will certainly do our best to avoid introducing breaking changes. If this is not possible, the user will have the option to either remain on the previous version or update.

Since all components are more complex than standard blocks, and some are quite specifically designed for certain tasks, not all users will need them for their purposes. Thus, you always have the choice of creating your component from simpler blocks or using a ready-made solution.

We understand your concerns, and we’re doing everything we can to ensure our users don’t encounter such problems.

I hope I was able to answer your questions. If you have more, feel free to ask!


How are users notified that a plugin has an update?

How do we update, I assume we have to uninstall the first and reinstall the new one. or does the new one overwrite the old one?


We are planning to notify users via email.

You can simply install the updated version, it’s not necessary to remove the old one.


If I install the new version how does my app “know” to use the new one?

At this point in time, you’ll need to replace the old version with the new one by yourself.




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