How can I fetch only particular columns in codeless?

Suppose i have a table with columns name, age, city, state.
How can i fetch only names in codeless.
Right now I tried with LoadTableObjects it gives me all the data of the table.


How can I fetch only particular column?

Use properties param, specify there a list of properties which you would like to get (only) and you’ll retrieve nothing but that props (including object ID of course).
See documentation here:

Thank you for the reply @stanislaw.grin, Could you tell me which block should i use for setting property

It should be an array of properties, so use Create List With block and put there your property

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Thank you so much @stanislaw.grin.

I am getting response as
“___jsonclass”: “mysql.Details”,
“name”: “John”,
“___class”: “mysql.Details”
“___jsonclass”: “mysql.Details”,
“name”: “Stella”,
“___class”: “mysql.Details”

I am getting response with ___jsonclass & ___class, Is it possible to remove these and send?

You can delete it before sending to client using Codeless. Map over list of objects and delete those properties in each object, then send it’s result

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Okay cool, Also how can i specify multiple column names, right now if I add name, age inside the text it does’nt work properly.

I got it Thanks alot @stanislaw.grin

Click on gear icon and add as many as you need additional items (drag item to list):

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Thank you so much @stanislaw.grin

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