How can I make a forum using Backendless?

I wonder if some of you could help me to guide me with some steps to make a forum, I’ve read documentation about message publishing but I’m not sure how I can do so.
-I’d like to know if I send a message, how it’s sent to users

Thanks a lot!

Hi Nathan,
The best way for you would be storing forum messages as Data objects.
e.g. You would have table Messages, every row in this table is a message. It has relation One-To-One to table Thread which is a projection of your forum Thread. When user posts message your client app executes “save” to Messages table. When users read messages you do “find” on table Messages with relation to Thread.
Hope this helps.

Thanks Dear Arthur, it’s a good idea and I’d thought that, but imagine that the body of messages is a scrollview for example and I send a message, it means as you said I store it in backendless table (the way to do that is simple with backendless API,I’ve already done that many times) , but how does the other users who are in the forum see that message in real time?

Maybe I’m a little annoying but I’d appreciate if I get a little more of help of you all.
Thanks a lot