How can i play a livestream (RTMP) in a web page using Flow Player?

Hello guys,

In the administration of Backendless i saw that i livestream can be played with FLow Player. How can we do this for our website (we already have bought Flow Player)?

As we investigated in the Mobile SDK we have this url :

How can we play this in Flow Player? Can you please advise us?

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This is an undocumented and “internal” feature available only from Backendless console. We do not officially support video streaming using Flow Player.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the prompt response, much appreciated.

Sorry to hear that :frowning: can you give me any hint on how we can make the url for the Flow Player? Any documentation that could lead me to the answer, of course if you think that is possible with the info we have.

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I prefer not to share any details at the moment for the following reason: we’re planning to make some changes in our Media service and API. Instead of providing a media server out of the box, we will let the users bring their own media server. As a result, the way streaming, publishing, etc works now will change and anything I share now will become deprecated.

Hope you understand.


what we need is a solution to stream from a mobile native app (iOS/Android) to a custtom interface (not the administration panel you provide) on a desktop browser.

Is there anything we can buy from you guys, a solution that you have that might solve this for us?