How can I prevent cascade to update?

Hi. I have two table. A and B, which A has related to B. My problem is whenever I updated table ‘A’, table ‘B’ updated too., which I don’t want to update my relations.
In the other words, how can I update my tables, whithout updated its relations?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, Mohammad!

What do you mean that your B table is updated - does the “updated” field change or your actual data in B is changed?
What SDK do you use? Android? Did you check our documentation for object retrieving (especially what concerns “relationsDepth”)
Do you have the “autoload” checkbox activated for the relation column in A table? Did you try to turn “autoload” on/off?

This is my sample

class A {
int i;
B b;

Yes, I read documentation about relations.
I turn on autoload.
For example to create new instance of class A, i set a retrieved B object (by finding from backend) in class A and fill other fields and call method save to save in backendless; When it’s saved in backendless the table B is updated too. How can i prevent update B?
I found a solution, instance of class B must be just have objectId alone that means all other fields must be null. is it correct?