How can I put my app in Market place?

Hello Team,

I see that there is a great scope for my business-facing application to be part of the Marketplace, where my customers can start using it either in the subscription model or buy once model.

Is there any provision for that? if no provision are there any plans for the same?

This is not a SaaS model where I maintain my customer’s account and his data, rather I provide the application for him using the Backendless platform.

Thank you,
Giridhar Duggirala.

Greetings, @Giridhar_Duggirala

Thanks for showing interest in offering your app via our platform. Let’s figure some moments:
Do you know about Publish to marketplace feature in the Business Logic section? If yes, does it fit your vision and requirements?

Probably you want to publish your UI-Builder app layouts? This will be available in the future updates.

Regards, Igor