How can I search the entire app for a line of code?

Hi All,
Is there a way to search the entire app for a specific line of code, for example a storage variable declaration?
Thanks in advance.

Hello @Ramon_Reyes

what language do you use, JS, JAVA or Codeless?

It’s codeless.

Hello @Ramon_Reyes

You can use the option to view the code for Codeless logic


Hi Inna,
Thanks for your response. It looks like you cloud code is different from mine.

Hello @Ramon_Reyes

For this to be available, you need to select a method/handler/timer or function. Now I see that you have no business logic.


So it is a limited search. I’m looking for a way to search the entire app for a specific line of code, or a string like “open_routine”.

Hello Ramon Reyes!

Once you create a method/handler/timer or function you will be able to edit the code (as in the screenshot above) and you can use code search. Or are we talking about searching elsewhere?


I’d like to search all pages of the app for a specific string (a variable - UI Builder).

Hi @Ramon_Reyes ,

It is not possible at the current moment to search pages by line of code.

Regards, Andriy

Hi @Ramon_Reyes ,

The only workaround I found is to archive and download your app to your computer, then search and go back to UI builder. A bit cumbersome, but it works…


That is the smartest response I got, I’ll try that. Thank you very much.

This is a not-so-subtle way of calling other responses “dumb”. Not cool, Ramon.

Dear all,

My apologies. I did not mean offend anyone. “Smartest” was the wrong word to use, and I take it back. I appreciate the solution offered as well as everyone’s support.

Thank you.