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How can I stop the data import?

I tried to import new user in app, but i assume did it wrong. So now more than half an hour it just don’t do anything. (but migration is still going)

This is how log looks like: (it was about 40 minutes ago)
11:35:54 IMPORT_DATA Importing Started.
11:35:54 IMPORT_DATA Preparing files to import
11:35:54 IMPORT_DATA Copying of Users.csv, size: 0.038 MiB.
11:35:54 IMPORT_DATA Creating temporary tables
11:35:54 IMPORT_DATA Creating user’s tables
11:35:54 IMPORT_DATA Preparing Users table: initializing columns.

Now I just wanna stop the process and start new correct import

Hello @Nikolay_Neustroev.

Can u share your app id?

Regards, Nikita.