How do I add to a value in my table?

For example my table has number 0 somewhere. My clients need to add a value to this number which persists.

I am using PHP/Curl and I have a PUT request. It works fine if I just want to change the value to something fixed. But how do I increment on the value that is already in the table?

eg… (an example that doesnt work , but you get the idea…:))

CURLOPT_URL => ''.$APP_ID.'/'.$SECRET_KEY.'/data/Game_Data/1802CECF-58DB-67EC-XXXX-5ADE11018B00',

CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS => json_encode(array(
			value_to_increment=> value_to_increment+100

Hi Simon,

To increment an existing value, you need to update an existing object. In order to do that, you should:

    Retrieve the object first (so you know what the existing value is) Increment the value Save the object back
I assume the example you showed does not work because "value_to_increment" is not defined, is that correct?