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How do I convert JsonPath syntax to Backendless Json Query syntax?

Hi I have the following JsonPath where I’m able to pull the ‘contact_info’ value which is ‘’ where ‘contact_type’ = ‘email’

As you can see the full JsonPath Syntax is:


However the following specific condition:

Isn’t recognized by Backendless in the Column/Properties parameter as you can see below.

However when I just use the ’ [*] ’ parameter I get a valid response but I only want to show the email value and not the tel values.

How do I properly convert this Json Condition statement for Backendless?


Hello, @William_Lee.

I created a ticket(BKNDLSS-25912) to investigate your question.

Regards, Nikita.

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Hi @William_Lee ,

I apologize, we currently do not support that variation of the JSON Path definition.


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That would be cool if or when it happens…
I’m really getting into JsonPath because of Backendless. My mind is a little blown by the possibilities.