How do I get the WHOLE table downloaded?

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3.x, online

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  1. Code tries to access all the content in the “Student” table.
  2. All records downloaded and saved in the “allStudents” array.

Actual Behavior

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The code below runs, but only 10 results are returned. They are in a consecutive block somewhere in the middle of the table. Not sure how to access the rest of the table, even with paging – how is that supposed to work? The documentation says that the paging involves blocks of 100 elements, but only 10 are returned. We noticed the same behavior trying the REST interface on the web client as well.

Here is the Swift code, in case that helps:

func loadDataFromTable() {
    let readStore =
    Types.tryblock({() -> Void in
        // fix this please
        allStudents = readStore?.find() as! [Student]
                   catchblock: { (exception) -> Void in
                    print("Server reported an error: \(String(describing: exception))")
    print("Load done!")

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I can produce a simple test case if that seems necessary.


To get up to 100 objects with a single request, you need to use the page size argument in DataQueryBuilder. Please see the following page in the documentation:


Hi Roger

Also you can implement a simple api service for retrieving the entire table in a single api call, here is an article which will be helpful for you

Regards, Vlad

I tied to follow along with the article but can not figure out how to add variables to the method code.

Look for the “Variables” section in the list of codeless blocks on the left side. That’s where you declare variables and see the blocks to work with variables.

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maybe this will help:

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