How do you exclude null values from a search

say I have a table with two fields ID and value where value is datatype decimal

some of the data I have been given just leaves the value field blank (so null i guess) I’m not exactly sure how backendless treats a decimal field with no value.

I need to search on the value field ( valueXX ) but need to exclude any value that is blank ( null? ) from the query. I thought about just changing it to -1 but queries can be value< XX which would include values of -1 so that’s not a good solution.

this is a general question I’m not quite to the point where I’m ready to code(less) this, but wanted to get some advice so I’ll know how to tackle this issue when I get there.


A decimal column without a value would default to NULL. You can exclude records containing NULL in the column using the following where clause:

columnName is NULL

Hope this helps.


can I use not in the where clause ie where value > 1 and value is not NULL


According to our documentation, you can definitely use not:

I should have found that myself. I was a bit lazy.