How do you pass data to another page in a new tab or window via codeless?

So I followed the video linked below regarding passing data from one page to another however I´d like to know if it is possible to open the page in a new tab. The only way I see to open a page in a new tab is via the Open Web Page block. That seems to lose the appdata. If I pass data through the OpenWebPage block it gives me a 404 error :confused: Any idea how best to go about this?

Also tried like this:


Backendless Tutorial Video for passing data:

Hi Christopher,

If you try the URL that gives you 404 outside of your logic (copy/pasting the URL from the logic and openning in a browser), does it work?


If I try with the added data then yes it still gives a 404:

If I strip the data and just access the page it´s fine but of course no data:


The reason for the error is the URL is composed incorrectly:

Aha! Like that there´s no error. So I guess to actually use this data on the new page I´d then simply use this block:
and some text manipulation block to strip everything but the data. Cool, gonna try it now.

Thanks again!

The data that is passed into the URL should be available in Page Data without any additional parsing. So all the parameters such as 0, 1, etc will become property names in Page Data.