How do you structure & save a Realm object to Backendless?

So my question is how do you write your realm object so it creates a table in back endless without any issues?
Right now if I make a realm object called:
class Comment: Object {
dynamic var comment : String?
I then tried to save a comment by doing:
//Store a comment
let comment = Comment()
comment.comment = “Hellow World”
}, catchblock: {
err in

I get something like,
RLMStandalone_Comment class in the back endless table and it has a “Classname” field which is empty.
So how does one go about writing a class that can be suitable for Backendless. I read in the forum here that it does map realm objects. If so, how?


Realm is not yet supported in iOS SDK, for now it’s implemented in Android SDK only.

Oh. Bummer. Any workaround for this?

Only the obvious ones: to not use Realm or to implement this on your own and create a pull request to the iOS-SDK :slight_smile:

Please see this thread.