How does "on scroll" event handler work?

I have a block, it is scrollable and has lots of content… in the event handlers, there is “on scroll”. But when I put logic there, it doesn’t seem to execute, despite scrolling and scrolling. What is “on scroll” event handler supposed to do? The logic I tested with is

but console remains blank :thinking:

is the actual block scrollable or one of its parents?

the actual block —

What is the ID of the block?

I am not sure which one you used to check, but I added the following to the Scrolly block and now the events are printed:

Hm, “Scrolly” is actually the parent block of the block (“classesBlock”) I was trying to affect… and I see I had made a mistake, setting “overflow: scroll” for Scrolly but not for classesBlock. It’s working now as expected — thanks for your help! Sorry to clutter the support tickets with issues that are just the result of our own mistakes :flushed: