How does one find the 'Missions' button?


I am brand new to Backendless and it seems I am required to complete ‘Missions’ to learn the platform and hopefully qualify for the free tier. My initial problem is that I do not see a ‘Missions’ button as I have seen it in online documentation.

It should be right after the “Backend” and “Frontend” buttons however instead I see a “Product Tour” button in that location. I also notice that the “Navigation bar” under these buttons should read “Dashboard”…however it reads “Manage” instead…what am I doing wrong here?



Hi Steve,

Welcome to the Backendless community!

The Product Tour is the new name for Missions. We’re experimenting with the name to see if it works out better. Btw, you’re not “required” to do Missions, it is completely up to you. We recommend you going through it as it will give you a better idea of how Backendless works, but it is not required.


OK thank you for the clarification.