How does pricing work with Bitnami-AWS ?

I am not sure what type of traffic my new app will have, but I want to make sure I am ready to handle a significant amount if need be. I read that Bitnami/AWS deployment is pay as you go. How does that work? Obviously I will be paying for the AWS instances through Amazon, but how does pricing work for Backendless in this scenario?


Hi Greg,

There are two options for deploying Backendless Pro in AWS:

    Launch your own EC2 instance, run the Backendless Pro installer on it. In this case, you would need to purchase a license for Backendless Pro. You can request a trial license at: Use Backendless Pro AWS listing (should be available within a week or so). In this case, a license is not required and Backendless Pro is available with the pay-per-use model. It will have its own hourly charge (depends on the instance type) which will in in addition to the EC2 hourly charges for the instance.
Regards, Mark