How is Backendless different from StackMob and Parse?

Sorry, but my level of trust is not high. I am now faced with migrating my iOS apps a third time in a year. I loved StackMob because of their tight integration with CoreData. I switched to Parse when StackMob went dark, leaving their devs in the lurch. I figured that with Facebook behind it that Parse would be around for awhile, and saw a lot of new development in the platform that encouraged the belief that Parse was a healthy platform. Not so much, it seems.

Backendless seems to be a worthy successor to Parse, with much of the same functionality that I need. What can you tell me that will convince me that migration to Backendless will be worth the investment in time and effort? How are you different from two seemingly successful, stable and capable BaaS platforms that couldn’t go the distance and ended up leaving their developer community high and dry?



Hi JK,

The biggest difference is we’re still alive and kicking… I cannot predict the future, but I am a believer in what we do. I believe not only in the technology we built and its superiority over the competition, but also in the business side of things. We try to be fair with pricing and support, we dedicate ourselves to fellow developers who use our product and post questions and report incidents right on this forum every day. I believe that if you take care of your users and customers, you will have a chance to be very successful.

Anything can happen, no one is protected from the force majeure situations. I think it boils down to integrity. I am sure big wigs at Facebook calm themselves down that they gave everyone a year, so their conscience is clear. No, I am not buying it. There is a fundamental flaw with integrity there. They betrayed every single developer who trusted them with Parse. “Doing the right thing” would be much harder but go a long way… And this is the guiding principal I put in place at Backendless - we’re going to do the right thing no matter what curveball is thrown our way.

Hope this helps.


Well, Mark, getting a response from the CEO in under 15 minutes counts for something. That would never happen over at Parse! I’m going to give you guys a try, but watch carefully for any announcement that you’ve been acquired by Twitter or some other big player buying up talent at the expense of end users. Now… lets hurry up the addition of Swift examples to the documentation, OK? =)

Thanks, Jay. We’re on it… The getting started guide for iOS and the Setup chapters in the iOS docs have been updated with Swift info. We’re working on adding samples now.