How is pricing for active users?

Hi, I’ve seen the limitation page where it says 100 active users. 1$ per 1000 extra.
On Parse I think there was no limitation on users thus no cost for the size of the user table.

Let’s say I have an existing app with 100,000 daily active users, what would be the pricing for this?

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Hi Reinhard,

We calculate active users on the monthly basis. If the same “daily” active users in your example login every day, you’d have roughly 100,000 active “monthly” users. The price for that would be $100/month.

Hope this helps.


Hi, Mark,
If i have 1000 users in user table, but only 50 of them are active. What would be the pricing for this?

Hi, Mkhytar.

Limit of 100 active users hasn’t been exceeded, so it’s free for your case.
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Ok, thank you!