How JS SDK register IOS Device for push notification without device id and device token?


I am trying to develop html/js based mobile application and want to use backendless push notification function.
I am comparing JS SDK and REST api.
REST API says need to get device id and device token from apple service. But it is difficult to archive this in javascript.

Is JS SDK using different way to register a device? I can not find
enough information for that. By using JS SDK, do I need to pass devicetoken and deviceid to backendless as well?

Could you help to explain more how JS SDK can archive this?


I don’t think it is possible to register a device without a deviceId and deviceToken. In that case you wouldn’t be able to receive any notifications from Apple, rendering the whole registration useless.

Thanks for your replies.

Do you have any idea or documents to call apple services using JavaScript? Is that even possible?

I’m not sure whether you can retrieve any system information in case it’s merely a webpage in a browser (probably not, but you can google that to be sure). And in case you’re using some multi-platform development tool, then the instructions on how to retrieve the device information should be in their documentation.