How many subscriptions for Springboard?

How many subscriptions can we get for paid plan or a springboard plan? As a free plan only have 5 subscriptions per connection.

The Springboard plan allows 50 listeners per RT connection.


I have 2 apps both have a connection to the same project defined in Backendless. Does both the app have a total of 50 subscription limit? Or
App 1: 50 subscription
App 2: 50 subscription

All subscription limits are per application.


Isn’t that limit is very less. I mean in my case i am constantly listening the data from Backendless and lets say my app will be installed to millions of devices that means i need millions subscription because all the devices will have to listen to data.

500,000 connections
50 listeners per connection

Each user is a connection. When your app reaches 500 hundred thousand concurrent users your face will be on the cover of the Fortune magazine :wink: