How stable is backendless and what makes it different ?

Backendless is (as my knowledge now) the best Baas out there .I am beginner android programmer and I wanted to have Baas to run my application which will generate low revenue.

I searched for about a week for good service with low cost and the best one was for 50$ and it didn’t cover all my needs .I found your service on . and as now it seem the best baas ever made for developers

But I want to ask ,is backendless stable and good choice, and what make them better than other expensive competitors out there that limit you by api calls for minute ,or that charge a lot for active users

Backendless is very stable and we have excellent uptime track record. There are many things which make Backendless better, some are high level such as ease of use and performance and some are lower level, for example dynamic adaptation of objects between different operating systems.

We are in the process of updating our website and the new one makes it much easier to understand why Backendless is the best mobile application development platform in the world.

thanks Mark I hope your service be on the top :slight_smile:
you really help beginner programmers by your excellent service.

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Thanks, Tarekk. If you find anything that we could do better, please let us know. We listen to our users, which is also one of the biggest differences between Backendless and the competition.